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StellarRoads is a 2D scrolling platformer where you can only go forward and survive by skillfully controlling the vessel's speed and jumping right on time!

Heavily influenced by the well known 1993 classic SkyRoads by Bluemoon, StellarRoads can be seen as a sort of 2D "demake" of SkyRoads.

  • Platform: DOS (or DOSBox)
  • Video modes: VGA, Tandy or CGA
  • Sound: PC Speaker, Tandy sound and Adlib

Carefully coded in x86 assembly to run well original hardware, even at only 4.77MHz with CGA. I hope this game will be yet one more game worth enjoying on your retro PCs!

CGA, Tandy and VGA versions included, supplied as DOS .COM executables and bootable disk images.


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StellarRoads demo v0.6 977 kB

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