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Every millennium the great demon king Azmodean opens a rift to the mortal realm to overtake it.

The only way to save the world is by climbing the ranks of his Extreme Volleyball Infernal League! Are you game enough?

For 1 or 2 players.


The demon imposes rules somewhat different from standard volleyball. In this league, players have 5 HP of life. When the ball touches the ground, the player on that side of the net looses life, so be careful not to miss the ball! Items are also spawned during the game to help conquer your oponent. After each round, you get bonus points for your remaining life (1000 per HP) and if your life gauge is still full, a perfect +10000 bonus. 


  • Fire: Throw a fireball to your opponent
  • Slow: Slows down the opponent for approx. 15 seconds
  • Shields: Summon a shield for help. (Insurance for one missed ball)
  • Cloud: Jump a lot higher and fall slower when jump button held.
  • Sprint shoes: Run faster!
  • Sticky: The ball sticks to you once! Walk up to the net and do an air jump to smash it!
  • Stop: Stop and pause the ball in the air for a few moments. Use it to stop a smash or confuse your adversary! (New in V2)
  • Swap directions: Temporarily swap the Left/Right buttons of your opponent (New in V2)
  • Blackout: Temporarily block the view of your opponent (New in V2)

Players stats (New in V2)

Players now have stats. Jump height influences how fast the ball goes when hitting it, but keep in mind that controlling a fast ball is harder... And while it is easier to accurately position a slow player, you better be good at reading where the ball will fall to move in advance!

  • Billy : Jump 2, Speed 2
  • Jimmy: Speed 1, Jump 3
  • Yui: Speed 3, Jump 1
  • Fast Nic: Speed 3, Jump 3 (new player in V2)
  • Karen: Speed 1, Jump 3
  • Mustachio: Speed 3, Jump 3
  • 8bitboi: Speed 2, Jump 2

Achievements (New in V2):

There is now an achievement system, with 14 achievements to unlock!

Of course the high scores table is still there, for friendly high score competition with friends, family members, and yourself!

Rogueball (New in V2.1):

Choose your path across each floor, raise your stats, unlock treasures, and survive as long as you can! Rogueball has a separate high scores table.

Treasures (New in V2.1):

16 additional player skins and 8 new styles of balls can be unlocked as treasures by opening chests in Rogueball. Once unlocked, those can be selected from the baller select screen.

In-game Controls:

  • D-Pad (PC arrows): Move player
  • D-Pad (PC arrows): New in V2: Accelerate fall (down) and control direction of "air jump".
  • Button 1 (PC Z key): Jump (press a second time for an "air jump")
  • Button 2 (PC X key): Use special item
  • Pause (PC ESC key): Open pause menu

In version 2, when doing an "air jump",  the D-Pad can now be used to control the direction of the jump. This enables new moves:

  • Jump, (air)Jump + D-pad left : Smash the ball horizontally
  • Jump, (air)Jump + D-pad down: Return to the ground quickly
  • Jump, (air)Jump + D-pad down diagonal: Diagonal ground dash - can be used to help move a slow player quickly across your zone!

Menu controls:

  • D-Pad (PC arrows): Move cursor
  • Button 1 (PC Z key): Validate selection
  • Button 2: (PC X key, PC ESC key): GO back


  • Program and music: raphnet
  • Graphics: Volcanloup

Other credits and thanks:

The original version of this game (Version 1.0.x) was submitted as an entry in the SMS Power Coding Competition 2023 and won first place!

Release date Mar 26, 2023
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsraphnet, VolcanLoup
GenreSports, Action
Tags8-Bit, chiptune, master-system, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelite, sega-master-system, sms, volleyball
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
LinksSteam, Homepage, Steam, smspower.org competition entry


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V2 Demo (Windows .EXE & SMS ROM) 4 MB
Version 1.0.6 (SMS ROM) smspower.org competition entry 686 kB

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